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Car Air Purifiers

Car Air Purifiers Online: Car Air Humidifiers Online At Lowest Price

While we have always been particular about having an air purifier at home and/or at work, having one in the car is just as essential. This becomes especially pertinent if you live in a metro city, given that the winter season is just rood the corner. Being on the road means exposure to a lot of pollutants from car emissions, smoke from industries and general dust. These pollutants can lead to various respiratory diseases and also make it worse for people with respiratory disorders. Although your car’s air-conditioning system might be able to filter out the larger particulate matter, it fails to restrict the tinier ones. If you travel a lot that involves family members who are sensitive and allergic to pollutants including dust, smoke, pollen, etc., it would be better to opt for a car air purifier.

Rs.265.00 Rs.500.00

 Mini Polar Bear Shaped Cool Mist Portable HumidifierThis aesthetically pleasing and powerful cool mist humidifier is featured with ultrasonic vibration technology that instantly converts water into fine and visible cool mist to improve the humidity level and air quality in the dry areas of your home or office.This device maintains the moisture lev..

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