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Baby Bathing Accessories

Baby Bathing Accessories Online: Buy Baby Bathing Products Online At Lowest Price

With a comfortable and reliable baby bath seat, you can bathe your little angel without worry. These seats come with different features that will ensure your baby’s comfort and protection while bathing him/her. You can find these seats in different colours and designs as well. When you make sure that your little one is comfortable while being bathed, they won’t make that much of a fuss while you do so. You can keep them distracted with the sound of your voice, music, etc. 

Rs.105.00 Rs.500.00

Adjustable Safe Soft Baby Shower capUltra-soft, elasticity.No need to close your eyes when washing hair.Make the shampoo a funny experience for the kids.When washing, it can prevent the clogging breathing.flexible for time-and-time again use.To prevent the shampoo & water touches the baby`s face.Protects your baby or toddler`s eyes from shampoo and..

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