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Home Improvement : Some electrical wiring problems are not unsafe, but they can be bothersome, making them the perfect candidates for extra projects during a home renovation.

Whether your electrical wiring is really old or it just got installed within last decade, it can be dated and ready for some upgrades if it’s causing problems.

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New HSS Steel Large Step Cone Drill Titanium Bit Set Hole Cutter, which is made from high quality HSS steel, and with the Titanium coated to reduce friction and heat The 3 cutters come in the following sizes increments of 2mm : 4 - 32mm ,4 - 20mm, 4 - 12mm. 100% brand new and high quality..

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5 Meters Windprood Anti-Slip Clothes Washing Line Drying Nylon Rope with Hooks Make your clothes dry fast and quickly with this Nylon Clothes Line. It is flexible laundry line which conveniently dries your hand washed clothes, inner wear, socks and other clothes. With two hooks you can easily fasten it on rods, bars or around trees, if you are tra..

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Best Compact Pipe Cutting Tool. Improve work efficiency, durable and ideal accessories for cutting. Cuts through copper, brass, aluminum, thin-wall steel, and plastic. Heavy knob allows fast adjustment..

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PVC Flexible copper 2.5 SQ/MM Single core and Multi strand wires.The quality of wire is great.100% conductivity, less heat generation so reduce the electricity bill.Colour :BlackLength:- 90 meter , Conductor material :- Copper ,No. of stranded wire is 36voltage grade 1100 volts..

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